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Rainbow Beach

A beach, a hostel, and a lot of drinking

sunny 25 °C

So after returning to Hervey bay for one more night after Fraser Island, we decided to head to Rainbow Beach. Reanbow beach is another stop off point for Fraser Island, but a little further away, so most people go from Hervey. Rainbow beach was a cool little place, basically just a street of hostels, a few shops and a beach! That's it. We really liked it here, as it had quite a 'hippie' atmosphere. The hostel we stayed at was colourful and all the rooms were labelled things like 'fairy princess' and rainbow' room, it was a nice atmosphere. We also struck a bit of a result, as there were no dorms left when we arrived, so the owner put us in our own twin room for the price of a shared dorm. We wandered along the beach, and checked out the coloured sand cliffs (hence the name). That evening, as there wasnt a lot to do, we decided to treat ourselves to a box of 'goon' (cheap boxed wine) and play some drinking games, just the 2 of us. We started at 6pm, and by 8pm, were were in bed completely out of it! I think i lost...

The next day, we didnt surface till around midday, and we were in the mood for a quiet one, not surprisingly. You could hire a body board from reception, so on the last day, we chilled on the beach and did a lot of bodyboarding, which was a lot of fun and cured our hangovers pretty quickly. On the evening before we left, we sat in the dvd room, with some others and watched a few films. We got chatting to an older couple who were from Liverpool, touring Oz, who we became really friendly with. We sat outside the dvd room chatting, and drinking goon (god, that stuff is lethal). Then we went round to the kitchen and joined a larger group of people drinking and singing. They all must have been pretty wasted, as they were just topping up our glasses with alcohol. In the end, we were all having piggyback races singing Oasis and Greenday songs while Ryan played the accoustic guitar. It was a great night, but not such a fun coach journey the next morning!!

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Fraser Island

sunny 24 °C

We were up at something like 7am for our pickup to Fraser Island (too early for me) It was so foggy outside, you could barely see across the street. Not good. We boarded our ferry around 9am, to go across to the island. It was the most eerie experience ever, standing on the front of this huge ferry, not being able to see more than 3 metres in front of the boat, no other sound apart from very calm waves lapping the boat. It was like something from 'The Mist'. Luckily it cleared when we arrived at Fraser Island.

The entire island is made completely of sand (the worlds largest natural sand island), so only 4 wheel drives are allowed on Fraser Island, as there are no roads, only sand trails. The plants and trees growing entirely from their own decomposing leaves and the rivers that run through the Island are made of pure mineral water (something to do with all the rainwater being pushed through the sand that purifies it). The island has the most varied landscape, consisting of rainforests, beaches, bushland and sand dunes and also has the only remaining pure strain of Dingoes left in the wild. Anyway, enough of the wikipedia stuff :)

Our first stop was Central Station, deep in the middle of the rainforest on the island, where we had a 3km walk through the middle of the forest. The river running through looked muddy yellow, but was completely clear and pure, the colour being the sand on the river bed (quite strange to look at). The trees were massive, it was like being in Jurassic Park or something!

After central station, we drove along the 75 mile beach, which is sort of classed as the Island's 'highway', literally metres from the waves, which was an amazing experience in itself. Ocassionally, we'd come across a wild Dingo, and stop to have a look. They look very similar to dogs, which is the real danger as they are becoming less intimidated by humans, the more tourists feed them, making them more likely to attack people. Its very sad, as there's such a small population of this pure breed left, and a few years ago, some hundred Dingoes had to be culled because they had become tame and started attacking people.

We stopped at the Pinnacles (coloured sand cliffs) and the Maheno shipwreck along the beach, and took some pictures. Its hard to believe the ship has 4 storeys buried under the sand! Also stopped at the 'Champagne pools' (natural rockpools near the shore) and Indian Head lookout point, which is one of the highest lookout points on the Island. On top, we could see whales over the horizon surfacing for air (we could just make out the water coming out of the blowholes. Aparently the females come to the east coast of Australia to give birth, and some of the wales we saw were in pairs, suggesting some of them had already given birth. It was a pretty amazing sight.

After we were done, we headed to a place called Eli Creek, a natural river that flows from the centre of the island out to the sea. The water was as pure as mineral water and drinkable (up stream recommended), and we stopped to have a wade through the creek (dont worry mum, there are no crocodiles at Fraser Island!)

We headed back to resort around 5.30, again stopping for a few Dingoes along the way (getting bored of them now!) Later that evening, we went to the local bar. We couldnt work out why the bar was playing so many Michael Jackson songs.... we met up with a couple we were sharing our room with, and played some cards. It wasnt until later that evening that we found out about MJ. No one mentioned it on the tour, so if we hadnt found out then, we might not have known until we watched the news next! So we had a few beers in his memory (one for every song, i reckon).

The next day we were up at 6am, to watch the sunrise. It was a bit cloudy over the horizon but mainly clear. Just as the sun was rising, the sky went red, and in the distance, we could see dark black clouds and a lightning storm somewhere out to sea, it was like another world! (i was impressed in my tired and slightly hungover state lol). Then back to the resort for a massive fry up, and all was good with the world again :)

That day, we headed off to Wabby lake first. There was a 45 minute bush walk to Wabby lake (all uphill), when we reached the top, the bush cleared and we were surrounded by sand dunes, stretching for miles, the beach and sea far in the distance. We carried on up the sand dunes, until we could see Wabby lake over the dunes. The lake is pure green from the leaves that fall to the bottom of the lake, and reflection of the forest, and filled with huge catfish. Absolutely stunning! The golden dune leading down to the lake is very steep, and me and Ryan raced down the dune into the lake (which was freezing!) People from our tour were all racing down the hill and screaming (the inevitability of freezing cold lake at the end of the hill and no way of stopping does that!) It was so funny. You could body board down the dune into the lake too if you had one, it was that steep (no crocs, dont worry mum :)). The sand dunes are moving at 2m a year and slowly engulfing the lake. Apparently Wabby lake only has 50 years left before its entirely gone, so definitely a must see before it goes, kids!

After lake Wabby, we went to lake Mckenzie. A completely different looking lake altogether. The sand was pure white, so white, people had made sand snowmen and it looked convincing! The lake is clear, but pure blue from the reflection of the sky. This water is very acidic (not in a skin eroding way!) and exfoliates your skin when you rub sand into your skin under the water. You could wash your hair in the lake and it would come out feeling freshly washed and conditioned. IYou could also clean your jewellery in it when rubbing it in the sand under water. It was a weird experience, but a very beautiful lake. Its hard to believe both these lakes are part of the same island. After Mckenzie, was the trip home, a beautiful sunset on the boat journey home.

So glad we decided to do this trip, it was just an amazing experience and i would urge anyone to do it! This is a very long entry, but as you can see we did so much in the space of 2 days. By far the best experience we've had since we've been out here!

Lots of love xx

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Hervey Bay

sunny 25 °C

After Rockhampton, we decided to head to Hervey Bay. Hervey bay is quite a sleepy place, full of elderly and retired people mainly. No kids anywhere to be seen! Just old people everywhere. There are a few tourist attractions, a marina and aquarium, a shark museum, but not many pubs or clubs, so not many younger people here. There are plenty of bingo halls and darts clubs and 'pokies' (fruit machines) everywhere though! The bay itself stretches out for miles in low tide, and you can see hundreds of soldier crabs running along the shore making little balls out of the sand (?) Its a very pretty place, but for backpackers, its more of a stop off point, as its the closest place to catch a boat across to Fraser Island. The Hostel is probably one of the best we've stayed in, clean and friendly, and full of games and activities, even its own tennis court. But the only downside is the lack of atmosphere, as people only stay one night before heading to Fraser, then move on to the next place, so we didnt really meet that many people overall. On our first night, we played Jenga and a couple of Germans joined us for a few games (Jenga is probably the best game for meeting new people!) and they ended up getting pretty drunk and loud after lights out. A couple of nights before they'd met some German girls who said they were parking their campervan at the camp site at the hostel, so they started knocking on people's campervan doors and shouting over the whole campsite for 'Suzie' and 'Lilu' to come out of their van get their free drinks (?) and basically harassing everyone. Later on, they somehow broke into our dorm room and started jumping on all our beds chanting 'GERMANY!!!' I cant imagine how annoyed everyone in our hostel was. We thought it was funny though.

On the second day, we had a day playing tennis and games, and chilling around the hostel. In the evening, we decided we wanted to watch the 2nd leg of the State of Origin (Rugby Union grudge match between Queensland and New South Wales). We were told it would be shown at a place called 'Sporties' so we set out in search. After about an hour of walking, we arrived at 'Sporties' which turned out to be a bingo hall full of old people playing a darts tournament. Not quite the atmosphere we were hoping for. We did befriend a guy called Liam from Brisbane, who invited us back to his place for drinks after the game, which again turned out to be another random funny night.

We spoke to a lot of people urging us to go to Fraser Island, saying what an amazing place it is. On our third day, after weighing up the odds, we decided to book up the 2 day tour to Fraser Island, so that will be our next stop, before carrying on down the south coast. The pictures look amazing and i think we'll regret it if we dont go.

Overall, this has probably been the most random place we've stayed so far. Its been a lot of fun.

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semi-overcast 24 °C

We decided after Airlie beach, to go to Rockhampton - the cowboy capital of Queensland. Rockhampton is quite nice. Not the same as the other places, as its further inland and pretty industrial and spread out, with a lot of hardware stores. We only had 2 nights here, but it was a nice place to stop and break up the journey south. Hostel is nice and friendly and clean. We decided on the first day to just explore the town. There are some nice old buildings and churches, and a wide river running through the centre of town, statues and pictures of cows randomly placed on store roofs everywhere. They love cows! We found some botanic gardens here, and a zoo on the 2nd day, about 4km away, so we decided to take a hike there. The zoo wasnt huge but it made for a nice day out and we saw our first koala and dingo. The next day we looked in a few shops and had a browse. In the evenings, there wasnt an awful lot to do, being quite spread out, but there were dvd's at the hostel to watch. On the last night, we found a local bar full of Aussie's living in Rockhampton, which had a great atmosphere. There's plenty to do here, if you want to work on a farm, heard some cattle, and clear up poo, but me and Ryan just arent that into cows, so we were happy just to explore the town. Will update soon x

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Airlie Beach


sunny 25 °C

Hello again, from Airlie beach! We arrived here yesterday (Tue) after a gruelling 6 hour coach journey from Townsville (but they played Crocodile Dundee on the coach, which was cool!). Weather is fine, and the beach is gorgeous. Its a very small quaint place, with a few shops and bars, probably a little bit bigger than Mission. The hostel is nice and clean, once again, and we're in a 4 dorm, which has been predominantly empty so far. And we've bumped into nearly everyone we met at Mission beach, just walking along the beach front! Last night we met our roomie, and he invited us along to a hostel called Beaches with some of his mates. We went down there but couldnt find him anywhere, and we ended up bumping into a couple we shared our dorm with in Mission, so we ended up chatting to them most of the night, and went clubbing, which was good fun. Today we chilled by the lagoon, did a bit of subathing, and wandering around. We've also decided to book up a day tour to the Whitsundays on Friday. We weren't going to originally, but everyone we've spoken to out here said it truly is amazing, and it does look it, so we mulled it over and decided to book the cheapest tour we could find, with our student discounts. We're catching a boat and doing a few stop offs, some marine spotting and snorkelling and stopping at Whitehaven Beach, which apparently has the 2nd most finest sands in the world (hopefully its as nice as the google pics anyway!). Whale spottings have already been sighted around the islands, as the mothers are coming here to give birth apparently. Hopefully we'll see some more turtles out here too. Fingers crossed. Tonight we're just having a quiet one, and tomorrow we're hoping to see if we can find the 2km broadwalk around the area. If not then maybe just another lazy day by the lagoon (its a hard life lol)

They have Cold Rock Ice Creamery's too. If you havent heard of them before, which i hadn't, you basically choose the flavour ice cream you want, and you choose the biscuit/chocolate bar/sweet that you want with it, and they bash it up and mix it into the ice cream for you. There's one right outside our Hostel and it stares at me every time I walk past it.... i might have to give in to it soon :)

Lorra lorra love x

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